Embrace me. Take me into your arms where I get lost and never leave. You, the sweet scent of melancholy and ambitious dreams surround me in love I’ve so helplessly wanted.

We become the world, our bodies moving together, shifting tectonic plates shaking the earth we support. Your skin becomes the pale moonlight. Me, the howling wolf in the summer nights warmth of your hair. Love is being made for we are gods. We create. We destroy. And we’ve created things that go beyond the limits of the mortal imagination.

Blessed are those that come in contact with us. Blessed are those that worship us as the lovers of heaven and of hell. Blessed are those that walk the path we’ve laid before you. Blessed are those that look us in the eye and witness the power we hold.

I adore you. And I Howl your name in empty night time skies to create the stars that appear in the irises of your eyes.

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